Terms and Conditions

1. I agree that the company is product based.
2. No one has forced me to purchase the product.
3. I know that the company does not have any investment plans.
4. I feel all information carefuly in my Id.
5. I know that the company does not recived any advanced payment. If I give extra payment to any other, company dosent responsible for it
6. If I misbehave in the company, I would give a right to block my ID.
7. If I do the violation of the company's terms and conditions then I will accept the action taken by the company.
8. I will work according to the company's Terms and Conditions.
9. People who accept terms and conditions should work in the company.
10.I agree with all the above Terms and Conditions and plan of the company I will continue to work honestly with the company.

Karmbhumi Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the country's reputed Company which sells world-class consumer products.